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    An ecosystem built around e-commerce at the Blanchemaille by Euratechnologies campus.



    A brand-new incubator dedicated to AgTech in the Lille Metropolitan Area.

  • Start by Euratech

    The Start by EuraTech incubation program was designed to both challenge and empower entrepreneurs to go from concept to prototype in 80 days.


    • Around 20 workshops and training sessions covering the most important subjects for startup entrepreneurs (business model reflection, pitch mastery, market research, pricing strategy, business plan development, fundraising, etc.) led by diverse experts.
    • Meetings with experienced entrepreneurs, business experts, and business angels.
    • Personalized coaching throughout the duration of the program.
    • Mentoring by other established entrepreneurs within the Euratechnologies and partner ecosystems (in France and beyond).
    • Access to exclusive offers by our technology partners (Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, OVH, Sigfox, Sellsy, EuraLora, etc.).

    Subject to eligibility, teams may apply for funding up to €15,000.


      In addition to the Start by EuraTech program as described above, the e-commerce track provides teams with exclusive access to the following :

      • Interactive testimonials with experienced e-commerce entrepreneurs.
      • Training sessions and workshops specific to the web: SEO, customer acquisition, social media communication, and other topics led by leading e-commerce experts.
      • An in-depth understanding of the internet value chain thanks to interactions with diverse experts: from social network influencers to UX designers and logisticians.
      • A home base in Roubaix, the historical district of online commerce and French capital of the mail order industry.


      As the latest EuraTech spin-off, the Start by EuraTech AgTech track provides all of the incubation advantages listed above, in addition to specialized programming that puts agriculture technology at the heart of project development:

      • Interactive testimonials with experienced AgTech entrepreneurs and technophile farmers
      • Training sessions and workshops with agricultural professionals, in addition to workshops specific to agriculture covering marketing, communications, and sales
      • Opportunities to test and experiment thanks to an extensive farm partner network spanning across the region
      • A home-base located in the rural town of Willems, a part of the Lille Metropolitan Area



      Start by EuraTech was created for future entrepreneurs (ideally, complementary teams of entrepreneurs) who have taken the initial steps to research an idea but have not yet created their company.

      Startup teams must have at least undertaken a first level market study, including a study of their competition, as well as a first mapping of their position and differentiation.

      It is a mandatory requirement that teams be 100% present for the Bootcamp. And finally candidates will be invited to present their projects before a selection committee.

      AND NEXT ?

      At the end of the program, after presenting to a jury, a selection of teams will have the opportunity to:

      • continue to develop their MVP inside the incubator until it is market-ready.
      • test the market by joining the Scale Acceleration Program by Euratech.

      Teams will be evaluated according to the progress they make throughout the duration of the program, their demonstrated motivation and ambition, as well as their level of involvement and investment in the ecosystem


      At the end of the program, after presenting their project to our jury, some teams will be invited to:

      • continue to develop their MVP within the Blanchemaille by Euratechnologies incubator until it is market-ready.
      • test the market with the support of a dedicated program.
      • accelerate their project by joining the Blanchemaille by Euratechnologies E-commerce Accelerator.


      At the end of the program, after presenting their project to our jury, selected teams will be invited to:

      • continue development on their MVP within the AgTech incubator until it is market-ready
      • test the market with the support of a dedicated program
      • accelerate their project by joining the Euratechnologies Accelerator



      3 sessions per year to candidate for full 3 months incubation program

      • Application deadline: April 19th 2020
      • Bootcamp: April 22th 2020
      • Jury presentation for shortlisted applicants after each selection
      • Selected projects announced : April 2020
      • Batch Program kickoff : May 4th 2020
      • Demoday : 21, 22 & 23 July 2020




      Projects since 2009

      200 M€

      funds raised


      Companies created


      Partners and mentors

    • Entrepreneurs testimonials


      “EuraTechnologies is known as the place to be, and I quickly discovered why this spot had earned such a reputation: it offers a wide-range of support concerning all aspects of business—not just tech. Early on, we learned the various pitfalls to avoid as a startup, primarily thanks to the many discussions that took place with other co-founders.”​


      “In a matter of days, EuraTechnologies made it possible for us to meet key influencers at Groupe PSA, thanks to their partnership. Since then, we have been collaborating with the second leading European car manufacturer to help pave the way for the future of the connected vehicle. This was a major stepping stone for us in our project, as the partnership gave us the credibility we needed to bring early customers on board our solution.”​


      “EuraTechnologies incubator empowered us to quickly take our project from concept to prototype thanks to their ongoing support via workshops and advice given to us by the various EuraTech coaches. They helped us to focus on the core issues for our business so that we could launch our project on the right foot. The program also was a factor in increasing our visibility and making great connections.”​


      “The experience was beyond what I had hoped for. The incubation program fostered a healthy sense of competition between all the entrepreneurs, and we were armed with all the necessary tools to test, grow, and prove our project’s value.”​


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